What are Refurbished Devices?

Renewed = Certified Refurbished

It means our devices are tested, cleaned, and reset so they will be ready to use right out of the box. If necessary, any damaged or non-working parts have been replaced. Refurbished phones will function like new phones!

Refurbished phones are a much less expensive alternative to purchasing brand new phones, and can be a budget friendly way to replace a phone that has been lost or damaged.

Are refurbished phones damaged?

Contrary to common misconception, not all refurbished phones were formerly damaged. Quite frequently, customers will buy a brand new Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone only to change their minds and return it again within fourteen days – even if the phone has never shown any problem or malfunction. These phones can’t be resold as new, even if it has never been used.

 What about used phones? Are they the same things as refurbished phones?

New buyers often wonder if the labels “refurbished” and “used” mean the same thing. Purchasing a refurbished phone is not the same as buying a used phone. Used phones are sold as-is; they have not been tested or repaired, and come with zero guarantee. Refurbished phones have been wiped of all data, tested and repaired, and even come unlocked to comply with whichever service provider works best for you. No one can be sure if a used phone will work or not, but by definition a refurbished phone is meant to work like a brand new phone, purchased from any retail store.