Why Shop with us?

Shop reliable

When purchasing a phone from other sites, the biggest risk associated with buying a refurbished phone is that it might not actually have been refurbished. For this reason it is highly recommended to buy from reputable sources that includes a warranty with all its products. If a seller does not stand by their products with a warranty, it most likely has not been properly tested and repaired.

Shop safe

Another concern that buyers often express is the possibility that their refurbished phones has a worrisome history, such as an unpaid balance from the previous owner, or if it was possibly stolen and then resold to them. We check all incoming devices for their IMEI codes, with which they can use track its previous status, and whether it was last reported missing or stolen. 

Shop smart

Finally, many people buy refurbished phones as an affordable way to replace a cellphone they do not want anymore. In such cases, the refurbished phone has to be added to an existing cell phone plan, but not all phones are compatible with every plan. We unlock all refurbished phones so they can work with any plan possible. However, it is important to note that every phone is different, and some simply may not work with the service provider you wish to use due to different cellular frequencies used. Before buying, it is recommended to contact your service provider to ensure their plan will work with your new phone, or check the Specifications portion of each of our cell phone’s product pages.