How To Set Up Your Samsung J7 J737P APN

Have issue setting up APN of your Samsung J7 J737P phone?

Follow the 4 easy steps to get your data back!

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If the activate page pop up any time before setup properly, tap and hold on return key for 2 seconds to skip.


After phone power on with a live sim card, there is only GSM signal, no data connection.

Go to





 Mobile Networks 


 Access Point Names 


Set up APN to get data connection. Do NOT change the Network mode. Leave it as 'Automatic'.



At Access Point Names page, tap 'Add' to create a new APN setting. Setup the APN according to the carrier that using.  Below use Freedom mobile for example.



After fill up the APN setting according to the carrier using,

Tap three dots icon at the top right


Select 'Save' at the pop-up windows to save


Enable the new APN that just added. Then your phone will start to get data service. :D

Still having problem getting data? Feel free to contact us below! 

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