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How to Place an Order

To place an order, first navigate to the product you’re interested in. This can be done in several ways: either by searching for the product by name in the search bar near the top right of every page, browsing for a suitable product through the Featured Collections and Featured Items sections on the homepage, or clicking on the Shop Cell Phones/Shop Accessories in the top navigation bar and filtering for the desired product from there.
Once you’ve clicked into the product page, you will be able to add this product into your shopping cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button. An overview of your current shopping cart will be shown, after which you can choose to continue shopping or check out immediately.
When you’re finished shopping, click the “Check Out” button within the shopping cart to complete your order.
Fill in your contact and shipping information. If you already have an account with us, you can also choose to Log In to skip these steps. Confirm your payment method, and review your order on the right side of the page before confirming your purchase by clicking on the “Complete Order” button.
And you’re done! Our logistics team will prepare your order for shipping at once, and your order will arrive securely packaged shortly.


Accepted Payment Methods

At the moment, Gadgetag only accepts payments through PayPal. At the payment step of your order, you will be taken to PayPal’s secure payment page to complete your order. If you already have a PayPal account, you can sign in and pay through your account. If you do not have PayPal account, no worries at all because PayPal also offers guest checkouts without an account. Supported cards include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, and EnRoute. Debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo are also supported, and are treated as normal credit cards.There are no fees charged to you for using PayPal, at any stage of your order.Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot accept payment from private label credit cards (such as department store credit cards) or debit cards requiring a pin-pad password to use.All transactions are processed in Canadian dollars. PayPal will automatically convert your order total to your credit card’s native currency, and this converted total is the actual amount you will be paying.

Track My Order

To track your order, refer to the tracking number sent to you in your shipping confirmation email. This email is automatically sent to your email on file when we ship out an order. Simply enter that number below and click Track to see where your order is! 

Make a Warranty Claim

Gadgetag guarantees your satisfaction with your purchase, so we offer 90-Day limited warranty for all electronic devices of the delivery date based on tracking number.In most cases, technical issues can be solved through remote troubleshooting. Please Contact us for all technical issues before sending your device in under warranty. If your issue cannot be solved remotely or in the event you’d like to return an item, surely we can help!First, make sure your device has:

  • NO removed or tampered warranty seals
  • NO liquid damage
  • NO physical damage
  • NO lockouts resulting from long-outstanding phone bills
  • NO account lock (such as iCloud or Google account) and NO screen lock (such as screen password, pattern, passcode, etc)
  • Device has not been reported as lost or stolen.

If your phone does not have any of the above, then your phone is eligible for return. If you are not aware of our warranty policy or you do not know how to return, please refer to Warranty Policy & Claim Process to check our warranty policy and claim process. Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges.If you would like to make a warranty claim, please Contact us during the warranty period to request a return. Please make sure the device is eligible for return before you claim warranty.